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Ask The Expert With Roger of Hazforce Environmental LTD.

Hazforce is a hazardous materials abatement company located in the Cowichan Valley serving Vancouver Island. They specialize in, asbestos, mould & lead abatement, emergency biohazard cleanup services, and small demolition projects.

If you are looking for a professional company to conduct any specialized services, please give them a call to set up an appointment for a free estimate today!

If you are a business or homeowner planning on doing renovations in your home/business, please remember that any building built before 1990 has the potential to contain hazardous materials of many types in multiple building products.

Most property owners do not know that asbestos was used in 3000+ building products prior to 1990. If you are planning on doing renovations or demolishing a building, please give our friendly staff a call and we will be happy to walk you through, step by step, the appropriate WorkSafeBC regulations and procedures.

Introduction to Hazforce
Cleaning protocols, part 1
Cleaning protocols, part 2
Purchasing or selling real estate

Contractors/Liability, Part 2
Preventing Mould

Specialties of Hazforce, Finding the right path

Shopping Local
Buying and Selling Real-estate


Hazfact One – Cleaning
Hazfact Two – Hazardous Materials
Hazfact Three – Limited Hazmat Survey
Hazfact Four – Hazardous Materials
Hazfact Five – Lead Testing
Hazfact Six – Asbestos
Hazfact Seven – Cleaning Protocols
Hazfact Eight – Mould Testing
Hazfacts Nine – Choosing a Contractor
Hazacts Ten – Asbestos Disposal
Hazfacts Eleven – Safety
Hazfacts Twelve – Trust
Hazfacts Thirteen – Vermiculite