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Making your home healthy.

Your health is important. Where you live and work should be places that are safe, free of health risks. If you think you have contaminants in your home or commercial building, whether known or suspected, you’ll want access to the right information.

HazForce is a hazardous materials abatement company with offices in Duncan and Nanaimo. We service all of Vancouver Island, including Nanaimo and all surrounding communities. If you are looking for qualified professionals to help you mitigate health risks in your home or building, please call us for a free estimate.

Say goodbye to asbestos.

Did you know that asbestos was used in 3000+ products prior to 1990? And that 60% of homes from this era have a higher risk of contaminants than a newer home?

Say good bye to asbestos
Environmental Contractors

Environmental Contractors

We specialize in asbestos, mould and lead abatement, biohazard, and demolition projects.

Whether you are planning on renovating your home or demolishing a building call HazForce. We’ll work with you to minimize the risk by identifying the services needed to remove the harmful elements from your environment.

Our services include removal, transport and disposal of asbestos and other hazardous substances.  Contact our Environmental Consultants today.